About the Team Coaching Framework

The Team Coaching Framework (or TCF) is a revolutionary initiative by agile42 to speed up the learning process of new Agile coaches in any organization.

It creates a structured approach to coaching which aims at improving team performance by providing clear guidance and structure to the coaches. It allows for members of an organization or the larger professional community to share everyone's experience and improvements.

The TCF defines Coaching Tools, instruments that a coach can introduce in the work of a team to change its behaviour. An Assessment allows the coach to measure the maturity of a team, and through Coaching Cards she can focus on a specific behavioural goal for it. Measurements help understand which Coaching Tools are the best fit to improve the team.

The list of working Coaching Tools that a professional coach may use is very large, and the TCF provides templates of Coaching Cards. Coaching Cards help understand which Coaching Tools to use and how to apply them.

The Team Coaching Framework App is a tool to save, edit and share Coaching Tools, Coaching Cards and common metrics to measure the effectiveness of the coaching. Everything is stored for later reuse by yourself and other coaches in your organization. It lets a new, relatively inexperienced coach pick the right tools and metrics to quickly get up to speed, and to get advice from more experienced coaches.

The App will also include software allowing coaches to make online Assessments of their teams, and other professional tools.

If you decide to share your work with the larger community, you will receive feedback and improvements. The system gives you full control of your intellectual property.

The App already displays a large body of work prepared by the coaches of agile42 over many years of activity. It includes participation of the many in-house coaches that have been trained by agile42. A professional program like the Advanced Agile Team Coaching Course includes membership of the TCF App for further study and improvements.