Welcome to TCF application

What is TCF?

TCF is an innovative approach to team coaching, which has the goal of facilitating the job of the coaches by allowing them to share a common view of the teams they are coaching, the issues they are trying to help them with, the goals they are aiming for and the observations they collect about those teams. It also helps onboarding new coaches as it gives them a clear and streamlined overview on the work done so far, so they can easily take over or start collaborating with other coaches. By offering a guidance about how to use different coaching tools, the TCF can provide a way to monitor the effectiveness of coaching, using metrics that help tracking interesting aspects of a team.

Coaching Structure

A Coaching Structure is at the foundation of the Team Coaching Framework and it serves the purpose of coordinating efforts among coaches as well as making a clear and structured statement about those efforts. Getting familiar with the concepts behind the Coaching Structure will help you getting up to speed with the app and its usage.

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Coaching Structure in a nutshell